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Consent to Tattoo Procedure

Tattoo is an un-erasable form of artwork on real skin. In the meanwhile, we would like to inform you the precautions below.
1. Tattooing might cause "colour fading" or "infection" during the procedure of healing while these are natural reactions upon different type of skins.
(1) As for the "colour fading" situation, we are more than welcome to help you with the touch-up for free-charge!
* Notification: the recovery process would take up 3-5 weeks depending on the healing speed!
(2) Tattooing is a form of work breaking through the skin tissue with sanitised needle and filling ink in between it. While this process might affect specific type of skins which may cause "infection". If this happens please contact us and consult with medical pro fessionals!
*Notification: the studio do not pay responsibility for any infection or allergic reactions after tattoo. All artist here are fully educated and acknowledge with tattoo hygiene and safety.
2. Ensuring that tattoo result might not turn out exactly the same as what was expected. There fore we're more than willing to alter once as it's healed. However, we do no refunds!
3. As for lettering or word tattoos, we do not pay responsibility for the meanings or spell- ings. All we do is to provide you the font and design before tattooing.
4. You must inform us if:
* There is a medical reason why I cannot undertake the procedure.
* You have a DISEASE/ CONDITION, or are on any medications which may result in a failure of my blood to clot.
* You are PREGNANT
I ACKNOWLEDGE that I've agreed with all the information above and UNDERSTAND the nature and effect of the tattoo procedure, which I requested you to carry out.
I've been SHOWN the needle/s to perform the procedure are sterile and in a sealed packet. And the grip/s has been properly sterilised and is in a sealed autoclave pouch, prior to usage.
the LAW requires that you provide a copy of either your current driver's LICENSE or a form of PHOTO ID to verify your identity.

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